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Many people always ask me about how someone can make a living out of blogging and how to figure out if they should consider blogging as a full time job. As I’ve already written some articles about how to make money with blogging, and there are more coming up soon, I thought it would be interesting to talk about this side of it today. I feel like whenever you make the decision to take the jump and start running your blog as your full time job you should just follow your gut but these next points might be good guidelines to think of when making this decision!

1. Your opportunities for growth in your current job have been maxed out: if you’re working a job where you don’t longer feel like you’re learning a lot and there’s no possibility to grow anymore it’s always good to start thinking of your next step. A lot of people have blogging as a side job or hobby next to their full time jobs, that’s how I also started. Once you feel like you’re having more growth opportunities with your blog than with your full time job it’s time to start thinking about the next step.

2. You’ve build good relationships in the blogging industry: once you start full time blogging it’s very important that you’ve build a nice network of relationships in the industry you’re blogging in so you know you have great support from your working environment and will continue to get nice collaborations. This usually doesn’t happen overnight so think about this point thoroughly when you want to start full time blogging. People have to believe in you to make this work.

3. You’ve received some form of compensation for blogging: it’s not very romantic but when blogging will be your full time job you need some financial securities. That’s why it’s important you received some financial compensation for blogging before so you know what to ask for advertorials and can kind of estimate your monthly income.

4. You’ve said no to collaborations: I think it’s very important to first of all have been in the luxury before to decline a collaboration. This not only means you’re getting enough jobs but also means you take your blog and brand serious enough to protect is with deciding to just work on collaborations that are a perfect fit fit for you. It sounds easy, but I remember the first time I said no to a paid collaboration and it really felt like a big step.

5. You’ve seen overall –non stop- growth: it’s important so analyze the journey of your blog to decide whether it’s a business that fertile. Did your blogging income increase? Did your traffic never stopped growing? Does your social media grow? These are all questions to ask yourself and to think about before you make the decision.

I hope this article was interesting to you guys and it’s something you think about! What do you think of these points? Would some of you want to be a full time blogger?

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