One quote I heard the other day really made me think and I couldn’t agree with it more: team work makes the dream work. I really feel that if you want to go places in life you have to stick together with people to move forward. One thing I like most about blogging is the wonderful people I’ve met through doing it and the friends I made over the last years. I really think we can all empower each other with what we do and inspire each other to be better. Today I wrote down 5 tips to empower other bloggers and why this is a good thing to do:

1. Be honest: as blogging is quite a new job it’s nice to get some feedback from people who do the same job as you. As bloggers we’re often working for ourselves and by ourselves. This is nice but also dangerous as you can get lost in your own little world. That’s why I really like it when other bloggers give me constructive criticism about things I do and look at my blog from their point of view. It won’t help me if everyone I met always would tell me how wonderful I am but it’s good if people give you tips on what you can improve. Never stop learning.

2. Take pictures together: I’ve worked with many photographers and friends on my blog pictures but at the end of the day I usually work the best and fastest when I go and take pictures with other bloggers (my boyfriend is the exception, he is the best photographer 🙂 As we all as bloggers kind of look for the same thing it’s easy to explain what type of pictures you want I think. Another way you help each other while doing this is that you can write each others bloglink at the photo credit so this way you promote each other on the blog and hopefully catch some of each others traffic.

3. Visit events together: When I just started blogging I thought it was a little nerve wrecking to visit events, especially because I didn’t know anybody. It’s more fun to go with other bloggers. Reach out to someone you think would be nice and see if you go together. A lot of girls think the same way as you and would love to go.

4. Shout each other out on Instagram: We all have different followings so it’s nice, especially when you’re a relatively newbie blogger, to give each other a shout out on your Instagram to introduce each other to both your followers. This way you can hopefully benefit from the different followers you have and grow your following faster. I’ve also noticed that my followers on Instagram really love it if I hang out with another blogger and if we post together. So whenever you’re hanging out with other bloggers it’s always cool to take a pictures together and post it!

5. Guest posting: Guest posting works in many ways and has so many benefits. First of all you sort of share traffic of your blogs and second it’s a nice change of posting to have someone new post content every once in a while.

What do you guys think of empowering each others as bloggers? Is this something you do? Can’t wait to hear your opinions about this.


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    Susanne - Bag at You

    Thank you Noor for these wonderful tips! I do not only think working together empowers you, but I also think it would make it so much more fun! I would love you to write a guestblog on my blog one day about your favorite bag! Xx Susanne – http://bagatyou.com

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    Handige tips!

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    love this advice is so so practical!


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    Comme Des Coco

    Great advice! If anybody is interested, I would love to collaborate! http://www.commedescoco.nl

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    Thanks for these tips! The only problem is I am too shy ><


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    Hey Noor! Your blog/posts are awesome!! I Always read your wednesday posts. I am new too and it its nice when people help eachother!

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    Amber Rhodes

    Such a great idea! You meet the loveliest people blogging, even if you never meet them face to face!

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    Prudence Yeo

    It will be perfect if bloggers can all advise and improve together! Thanks for sharing!


  • I love this post! I think it’s so important to inspire each other as bloggers. We are all part of a community, and as a community we should help each other out to spread our knowledge, opinions, and experiences ❤

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    The tips are great, I would love to meet some bloggers too. As a real newbie, it’s hard to start, I am experiencing that now: I find it hard to reach out to people I don’t know, I’m still a little insecure about my blog and I don’t really know how I can attract followers. That’s why tips like yours really help a lot, thanks for that!


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    This all sounds great. More for something a more experienced blogger would do rather than a new one starting out, I think. It can be pretty overwhelming trying to meet new blogger friends, especially if you’re an introvert. But other than, great tips!


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    Such great advice, thank you for sharing! xx Naomi in Wonderland

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    Toni Clarke

    Great tips, it’s lovely to see how such small changes can make such a positive impact to your blog! x


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    Daphne Blunt

    I love this!! Bloggers should stick together!



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    Charlotte Buckle

    Great advice! I definitely need to step out of my shell a bit to put these in motion but they are wonderful tips that I hope to use in the future 🙂

    C| atlantic-c.blogspot.ca/

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    Great post indeed! I’m a new blogger and I would love to get some connections with other bloggers. We can make it together right? ;)) Thank you for inspirational words. You’re amazing. One love. A.


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    Abagail Pumphrey

    My friend who is a fashion blogger is definitely my first great connection! I even featured her on my blog today… http://www.thinkcreativekc.com/blog/2015/3/11/local-spotlight-sophisticaited

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    Great post.
    I would love to work with an other blogger one day,
    Just to see everything from an other point of few.

    Much Love, M

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    Great post! Although I don’t see that many fashion bloggers doing it. Mostly beauty bloggers.



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    Great points! Bloggers should work together not fight for views! To be honest some of my favourite posts on blogs are the collaborations, because then i find new blogs to check out 🙂


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    Miles of Happiness

    Yep! Super points :))

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    Linda Libra Loca

    I´d love to do many of those things, but I have yet to meet blogger living near me to take pictures or visit events. Or get an invitation to an event, that is.

    But working together, even if you are living continents apart, is fun, too.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

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    Alexa Land

    wat een super goede tips, herken me heel erg in het feit over dat naar events gaan. Ik zou echt nooit de stap durven nemen om alleen te gaan!

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    Emerson Rogers

    I think this is a great idea! Love it! I would be so excited to hang out with other bloggers…

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    Margery Ho

    These are great tips! x

    Blog A Girl with a Camera

    Youtube A Girl with a Camera

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    I want to work with other bloggers!!! nice post!!


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    Chahrazad M

    Great tips dear. Je hebt echt groot gelijk.


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    Wioletta M.

    I wish to work with other bloggers ! Great idea 😛


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    Madi Delliston

    Thank you for the tips xx
    P.S absolutely adore your photos!! xx


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    Girls In Polka Dots

    Great tips, it’s so important that we all support and empower one another 🙂 Thank you! GIPD xx

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    Anchored in Sweets

    Thanks for your tips.
    I keep reading about guest posts/guest blogging. I have no idea what that means. Could someone explain it to me as if I were a 3 year old?

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    Fashion Party blog

    Great article with good advice! Thanks for sharing!


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