It was bound to happen. Me giving tips on how to beat a jet lag. In every interview I’ve ever done this is always a question that I get asked and I was thinking about it the other day and all of a sudden I realized I have NEVER written an article about this. I should’ve written a book about it by now, but until I will, my humble self can give you these five tips:

1. Don’t over think it: One thing I’ve learned about jet lags in my experiences is that it’s a BAD idea to think about you possibly having to deal with a jet lag. I started noticing that every time I traveled with kids, the kids never really struggled with a jet lag and I ended up guessing it’s because they never think of the difference in time zones. You don’t control time zones and when your body reacts to a jet lag it does, but the bigger you make it in your head, the bigger effect it will have. When I was a student and traveled all the time I had way more time in my life to think about time zones and started stressing days before. Now that I’m manically busy and literally don’t have a second of time to think of how a jet lag may effect me I’ve noticed that the jet lags have seemed to get less and less.

2. Don’t take naps: The biggest mistake one can make is to take naps on the first days of your time zone changes. This will mess your body up completely and will slow down the process of getting used to a new time zone completely. Get a coffee and say no to napping ;-). What I do however is I always try to take a nap in the plane so whenever I land I don’t feel the need to take naps. For instance, on Monday I flew to LA from Amsterdam which is a 9 hour time difference. I got into the plane in Amsterdam at 10 AM and would arrive in LA at 11 AM which meant I had the whole day to go. I made sure (with the help of Paris Fashion Week) I was extra tired when I got into the plane so I could sleep a little and would be totally ready for a new day by the time I landed.

3. Change all your electronic time zones the minute you get in to the plane: So the minute I get in to the plane I always change the timezones on my Macbook and Iphone so from that moment on it is the new time for me. It gives you a couple of extra adjustment hours to the new time zone.

4. Go outside: Nothing will keep you more awake or gives your body the right message about a new timezone than going outside. Especially exercising outside is THE best thing to do to beat that jet lag.

5. Stay away from sugar: Sugar messes up the system as we all know. It’s especially bad when you have a jet lag, which is a proven fact. When you start to feel tired during the day the first thing your body probably asks for is sugar but try not to give in to this craving and order a double espresso instead!

I hope these tips help you all! Do you guys have some more tips on how to beat a jet lag?


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