Yesterday I flew to Austin and I was sitting next to a man and we got to talking. I told him a little bit about what I did and told him I just traveled to a couple of international fashion weeks. He asked me which city my favorite is for fashion week and without even thinking a second I said: Paris! I told him a little about why that was and my observations about the big difference in streetstyle between New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Without resembling the conversation I just wanted to tell you guys again; any experience I’ve ever had in Paris has been majestic and so was this one of course.

First of all, Paris is very convenient to get into if you’re based in Amsterdam. It’s literally just a three hour train ride with the Thalys which is so comfortable and I can recommend to everyone. You get in the train in the center of Amsterdam and get out in the middle of Paris in just a blink! The hotel I stayed in once again this Paris fashion week was of course hotel Balmoral, another awesome recommendation. The location of the hotel is just perfection (next to the Arc de Triomphe, but in a quit street) and it feels like home!

The other thing about Paris that is my absolute favorite is seeing my friends again from all over the world and also making new friends and meeting new people. We got so lucky with the weather this time, spring really came in early this year. I had an awesome time and I can’t wait to be back in Paris soon. Tomorrow I have more very cool outfitpost to share from Paris and then I’m going to start sharing my USA adventures! Here are some of favorite shots I have on my phone from Paris. Have a lovely weekend everyone!