Hi guys! Wednesday means another article related to blogging of course! This week me and a friend were having lunch and we ended up discussing how many similar things all of us bloggers do, which to ‘normal’ people are super weird. When we talked about this subject, things only bloggers would understand, I thought it would be fun to write about the 5 things I think only bloggers would understand, do you recognize any of these point?

1. Sometimes we suffer our food for a picture: most bloggers completely art direct the set up for a good Instagram lunch or breakfast pictures and unfortunately, especially for our boyfriends this might take a while. Sometimes even so much that the food gets cold and the boyfriend gets pissed but we at least have a perfect picture.

2. You can’t think outside of pictures: everywhere we go we see picture opportunities, so much that a sunset is just not a sunset anymore, but a ‘this is going to be such a good picture on Instagram’ moment. You can’t have lunch in places where there is less daylight because ‘how are we going to take that Instagram’ picture?

3. It’s a hard blog life: another thing that only bloggers will understand, it’s all actually really hard work, especially when you really decide to take it on as a full time job and dedicate all your time into it. Whenever I tell people there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it, many still don’t believe me and truly don’t understand this. I don’t really feel the need anymore to explain to everyone why it’s hard work so it’s nice bloggers all understand the long days of blogging (good example, I’m now writing this and have to work on a shoot and have a wake up call in 4 hours ;-).

4. You’ve become Wifi obsessed: all the funny quotes images that say ‘home if where the wifi automatically connects’ is so spot on for us. Having drinks or a lunch at a place where there is no Wifi is just a no go and we can’t sit longer or have a conversation first without knowing that we’re ‘online’.

5. We never pass a flowerstand: without taking a picture. This is OUR moment to stack up on Instagram pictures for the next week or two.

I also really want to know what things you guys think only bloggers will understand! Let me know in the comments, I can’t wait to read them!

Disclaimer: header image found on Pinterest