For this week I wanted to change things up! And I’m serious about it. I took the the big risk of asking my boyfriend to write an article. How fun is it to hear a man’s perspective from time to time? And as I know many of you girls who read these articles are bloggers themselves so I hope you like this article and maybe even show it to your boyfriend! So here we go, my boyfriend’s turn:

‘The funny thing is I never realized the meaning of being a blogger boyfriend before I was asked (pushed) to write down a few ideas and points of view on the matter. In the last days I was asked numerous times if i had my piece ready and i started to realize how serious the task at hand was for me. What started as an innocent question resulted in numerous episodes reminding me to deliver the piece, not unlike how a newspaper editor asks for his content.

So who am I? I’m Sander, the boyfriend of the Queen of Jet Lags, or Noor (how I know her). After fabulously finishing her art study with straight A’s 2 years back it was announced that she was going to be a blogger and I thought: Great! She will have time to travel with me and monetize the lifestyle we lead, but little did I know the success story she was entering. Not that I resent me helping her push her ideas and concept forward; as a matter of fact, I loved it!  The enthousiasm and effort that goes into her en devour is admirable and inspirational and her work ethic contagious. So putting all jokes aside I can truly say I’m proud of her result so far and can only say that I’m looking forward to her ongoing succes story and feel honored to keep putting my 2 cents into the end result. She asked me to give advice on being the partner of a blogger, so here are 5 things to take into account when dating a blogger.

1. Speak the lingo: When Noor speaks to me about flat lays, collaborations, monetizing, half and full body shots and digital identity’s, I now can truly say I know 90% of what she is on about. However, every few months a new word will enter her vocabulary so without hesitation i usually nod and act like I know exactly what she is talking about after which I immediately and frantically look up said word to know what is up. The last word was: “knolling” which is a new word for “flat lay” which is a flat composition of items like sunglasses usually combined with a breakfast that waits for me to be eaten.

2. Have patience: Hanging out with a blogger sometimes means that time needs to be “frozen” for the perfect shot. This particularly is a test when food has arrived to a table and you are very hungry. You can not start your food before the perfect shot was taken and this can take a few tests and a few minutes, ( minutes that seem like hours for hungry men ) but my advice is.. just give her the time, it is not worth the battle, sometimes it actually means a free meal if the restaurant is clever enough to recognize the marketing value ; )

3. Learn to take a photo: You don’t have to be a Mario Testino but it does help to pick up some tips and tricks about the basic needs and rules of photography. At one point in your relationship you will be asked to take the picture and you better come prepared. I secretly went to a photography school in New York but I did not tell Noor about it (she thinks I had shows in America).  I now accept a compliment on my photography modestly and secretly think of the few hundred hours of lessons that went into it. I am of course joking about the course in New York, but do pick up on a few things if you feel like it will help you, you will be rewarded more than holding a door for her or generally being cordial if you know something on the subject.

4. Understand woman issues: Dating a blogger has many highs and perks but there are also a few things you need to understand with regards to “normal” woman issues. The following words need to be multiplied by 10 with regards to a blogger, I suggest to take cover or find shelter when the following occurs, you can for instance create a secret part in your house where you can hide when:

– she has a bad hair day  ( just leave her for 8 hours to let it cool off, dont try to “fix it” it will only get worse )

– pimples or any facial issues ( see “bad hair day” )

– running out of battery mid shoot ( this one is possible lethal.. I suggest to ALWAYS carry a spare battery, or two)

– any type of computer issues, don’t try to help if you are not a 1000% sure you know how to fix it because before you know it it is “your fault”.


5. They have “nothing to wear”: This is a common “blogger” problem, although they have 3000 items in their closet she claims to have nothing to wear, if your blogger girlfriend says she has enough clothes WORRY ABOUT HER MENTAL HEALTH, something is wrong.

But seriously if you can tackle all these issues you do have the best possible girlfriend you can wish for, always up to par with the latest trends, always receiving great upgrades and perks, free hotels and lots of gadgets and someone you can follow around the world without a boring day. I can truly say I’m proud to stand next to her in her ongoing adventures. I do carry a secret battery just in case : )