Every time I get together with other bloggers we talk about the apps we edit our pictures with and all other gadget related stuff. I think it is a personal thing but I always like to hear about other people’s favorite apps. This made me think that you guys are probably all interested in hearing which apps are the best to use for bloggers! This is my top 5 apps that I absolutely can’t live without!

1. Instagram: I mean, do I need to explain more? I dedicated a full post to this once, read it here. I use Instagram every single day (or should I say minute) and love seeing what my friends and favorite bloggers are up to. It’s the perfect way to get updates and inspiration from others! I actually just reached 100.000 followers op Instagram, so reason more to love this app ;-).

2. Afterlight: Before something  goes online on Instagram I usually edit my pictures and my favorite app to do this with is Afterlight. Out of all the apps I edit with this one has the most variety in ways to edit. From light effects to filters, everything is available!

3. Wunderlist: As blogging entales so many different aspects it’s very hard to stay organized. I also dedicated a full post to this once (here). I’m obsessed with making to do lists (although I never finish them) and Wunderlist is the cutest, and most useful app to do this with!

4. Snapchat: One of my latest addictions is Snapchat. I think this app will be even bigger than it is now so I would suggest all bloggers to start doing it! It’s such a fun way to keep people updated with your life without anything being too composed. You can’t edit yourself and you can’t post anything later so your followers know it’s the real deal!

5. Google Analytics: I think the Google Analytics app is so easy to use and I’m really happy I downloaded it a while back! Especially when I’m on the go all day I’d like to see how my blog is doing and if I need to give a certain post an extra push on my socials or if I got featured on some cool website!

Of course I want to know what your favorite apps are! Leave me a comment with your favorite app and what you use it for so we can all learn new things! Hugs!