Hi guys! Today I wanted to share another article with you guys about my favorite personal style bloggers. I’ve done one article like this before (here) but as that’s been a while back and so many of you asked I thought that it would be fun to do it again. Now before I start I just wanted to say I didn’t include my wonderful girlfriends Tamara and Sarah as I wrote a full article about them and I think you guys all know them by now but of course they’re my faves too! So here we go, my four favorite female fashion bloggers of the moment:

1. Alex Closet: Alex is absolutely killing it at the moment. We already followed each other on Instagram for a while after becoming friends a couple of months back and she’s just the most lovely person! Her photography and style is very cool and unique, which is hard to find at the moment. She isn’t copying anything and she just looks cooler than anything. I wanted to post just one picture here so you can see the rest on her blog but it was so hard picking as all her outfits are so cool!

sans titre-101-3

2. Raspberry ‘N Rouge: Most of you know Rebecca is one of my besties from Amsterdam! But next to being an awesome friend she has the most wonderful style and blog. Her photography is always on point and she captures light like no one else!


3. Gal Meets Glam: Julia’s blog ‘Gal meets Glam’ is pretty big and well known but I just discovered it not so long ago. Her blog is instant happiness as she travels to the most gorgeous places and loves wearing colored outfits even more than I do!


4. Be Frassy: I met Audrey who runs this blog by coincidence in Paris back in February and I’m so happy I did! Her blog is my new favorite and everything she uploads is just perfection. Her blog has also a very personal touch which shows that she’s a very inspiring person!


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this list! I of course want to know who you’re favorite bloggers are as I LOVE to discover new blogs! Hugs!