Many of you asked me about how to get invited to press events and to PR related things so I decided to write an article about it as it’s one of the most asked questions! I wrote down the 5 things that I value most, and included a lot of stories I heard from PR agencies in the past years to make a good guideline about this matter:

1. Know that you have something to offer: before you decide to reach out to a PR company be confident about what you have to offer. Do you have dedicated visitors, high quality content, or are you a good host? Anything goes, as long as you can start a relationship with a press of PR agency as a two way stream.

2. Be polite: PR companies get many, many e-mails a day so always make sure to be modest and polite. Introduce yourself and explain your reason of reaching out to them and show that you know about their work and the brands they work with.

3. Never ask for free stuff: One of the most frequent made mistakes as I been told is that many bloggers try to get free samples straight away. Sure, it’s nice to get gifted some samples from press agencies but this shouldn’t be the main focus of the relationship, especially in the beginning. When you just get to know a PR just ask to be on the press list so you get updates about their new releases and events. The goods will come in eventually!

4. Try to get a face-to-face meeting: Once you’re in touch with a PR agency try to set up a meeting! It’s always better to meet someone in person and to show your personality in ‘real life’. I personally really like to know who I’m e-mailing with and to build a relationship which is a lot easier when you actually have human contact :-).

5: Get introduced to an agency by a fellow blogger: if you’re simply too shy to reach out to PR’s yourself or you don’t feel good about doing that (I didn’t feel good about reaching out in the first few months for instance) it’s nice to get introduced by someone else. Maybe you know a fellow blogger who works with some PR agencies and he or she can introduce you!

I hope these tips helped! What type of blogtips shall I write about next weeks? Let me know if you have any specific questions you want me to write about!

Disclaimer: Header image found on Pinterest