Hi Guys! As some of you may have noticed I’ve been working together with the brand Drykorn for some time now so I thought I would be interesting to give a more in depth story about the actual brand as I don’t seem to do this too often. As you guys know I don’t like to work with too many brands so when I do I always want to make sure it is a brand that fits me and my style and being perfectly. A couple of months ago I decided that Drykorn is such a brand. Here’s a little background info on the brand:

In September 1996 Marco Götz founded Drykorn. His innovative idea was to offer ‘high fashion’ men’s trousers in premium quality for an affordable price. This resulted in huge response on the retailers side, as there was a lack of such a combination in the German textile market at that time. Today Drykorn is internationally distributed.

The slogan of the company is ‘Drykorn – for beautiful people’ meaning that the Drykorn consumer shows a strong interest in the zeitgeist without being too much influenced by actual trends. This way the brand still holds a very personal character which I like a lot.

The SS15 collection is very clean, industrial chic and if you remember I already posted a look here (I ADORE this suit) and here of this collection. Keep an eye on my blog as I’m going to post more looks soon! The shirt I’m wearing in today’s post is also Drykorn and has the perfect fit. What do you guys think of the brand so far?

Photography by Nils Schlebush