Honestly? I never dreamed of being a girl boss or to own my own company. I thought I was going to do many creative, awesome things and all of it would just take care of itself. However, life always takes you to where you belong as they say so here I am, a 20-something girl who is dealing with being an (unnatural) entrepreneur and growing and expanding my business. Just to be clear, Queen of Jet Lags is my company (which is my blog and everything else I do with the brand). As I feel like the entrepreneurial culture is has only become bigger and bigger the last years I thought it would be fun to write down my top 5 tips on being a good girl boss, as I know so many of you (blogging) girls who read my blog are, so here we go:

1. Stick to the plan: It’s very easy to get distracted and to see yourself taking off in many directions as everything that get thrown in your way sounds so exciting. Although that might be true, it is extremely important to follow the plan you have set out for your business, especially in the first year of running your business. Of course you can adjust it but the bigger picture should remain the same.

2. Discipline: another thing that I found many entrepreneurs (including yours truly) struggle with is getting out of bed early in the morning and start working from the office (which sometimes is my bed, but can also be my legit office) without getting distracted. If there’s no one around you to tell you what to do it might be easy to leave some of your accountancy and dive into hours and hours of online shopping but truth be told, this is not going to enhance the business!

3. Keep things business: Lots of people who become there own boss get there because they turned their passion into a business which means, in my case as well, that you work in a field where you will find a lot of people who have the same passion as you and where you can easily make lots of friends. Of course this is a nice benefit but remember that there is also business to be done and that at the end of the day it just simply is true that not everyone can be your friend.

4. Just do it: This sounds so simple but has to be my biggest struggle so far. As the owner of a company there are also many, many things you have to deal with which may not be in your expertise such as accounting and website development but guys, the big secret is JUST DO IT! Even though you fail, or might try again, just do it, there really is no other way. I honestly remind myself of these three words when I’m slacking every single day. Plus, after you’ve done something you’re not looking forward to you always feel much better. A little extra note: the same goes to starting your own business, just do it! I was doing a Q&A the other days and so many girls asked me how to start a blog, where to begin etc. but all I can tell you girls (& boys) is to just to it and learn, fail and win along the way.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips and inspired you in any sort of way. If you have any additions to these, let me know! Would love to know what you all think of posts like these!

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  • templeofbeauty

    Great post, very inspiring and so on point.

    xx Z&G

  • These are really inspirational tips, I totally agree about just doing it. It’s such a simple thing but can often be the hardest thing to do!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • So true! I’ve had my own business for 2 years now and although being your own boss is a blessing, it does have a downside too and it’s easy to get distracted or be too easy on yourself.
    What helps me when I don’t feel like doing anything instead of just chilling is reading different motivational quotes 😉

    xx Kristjaana

  • These are really interesting and inspirational advices! I love it Noor when you’re sharing your experience, and I love learning from someone who’s more experienced than me! I totally get it now the fact that you need a goal, that you need to know what you want to accomplish with your own blog and business. I never though I will want to build something like my own business, and I’m joggling with both – law schools and my passion for fashion and my blog – so I know it’s not easy, it requires a lot of work, and I hope by following those tips, and more, I’m on the right tracks! x


  • Love these tips, especially the “just do it” — it’s so true but can be hard at times.


  • I’ve missed your blogging and life tip posts!!! Question though: what was your plan when you started out? I feel like it’d be hard to imagine my little crevice of the internet growing into anything as amazing as Queen of Jet Lags!
    xx http://gymbagsandjetlags.com

  • I’m so happy for bloggers that have come this far, especially if I’ve been following ever since they were “just” bloggers who just did this for fun. I mean, it’s great to see how far passion and hard work has taken you! I don’t have goals of running my own company, but you guys do remind me to take my dreams seriously. Thank you for that!

    Tihana // Wandering Polka Dot

  • Just do it. Absolutely right.

    Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Thanks for the advice! Do you have any business aside from your blog or is it one and all?


  • These are such great tips, especially the one about sticking to the plan! Such great advice for twenty something entrepreneurs.
    The Twinne Twins

  • Julia

    Yeah, I tend to let technical problems with my blog pile up, rather than jumping right in and just immediately taking care of it! I love these tips, and as an FYI you wrote “5 tips” in your opening paragraph! 😀



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  • These are such great tips! Totally agree.
    The Twinne Twins