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One of my most asked questions is usually how I style my hair. To answer right away and quickly: I curl my hair with a huge curling iron and use a ton of hairspray. I will make a video about it in the upcoming months though, so stay tuned. Another thing you have to know about me is that I preferably like to spend a maximum amount of 1 minute per day on my hair. Over the years I’ve grown a passionate hatred towards blow drying my hair and using tons of products. I only wash my hair once a week/two weeks. For my collaboration with Rob Peetoom and REDKEN (read more about that here) I got to try out a bunch of awesome products of which I wanted to highlight my favorite today: the One United – 25 benefits spray.

Every hair type is unique and everyone has their preferences on what they like to use. One United is a multi-benefit treatment. As the name says, you can probably figure out that there are lots of benefits all united in one, right up my sleeve. I won’t tell you every single benefit but tell you about my favorites: It makes my hair less dry, has some heat protection and a good anti breakage addition as I want to grow my hair longer again and my ends always seem to split, especially in the summer.

I feel so honored to be an ambassador for Rob Peetoom the upcoming months, who is a legend with his career in hair styling and his amazing salons in the Netherlands (and Bali!). You can check out his blog to stay up to date about this ambassadorship and his projects here! We also made a video together with him (sorry guys, it’s in Dutch) with some other cool influencers which you can check below! Have an amazing day guys, hugs!

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