queen of jet lags6

Do you guys ever feel a lack of blogging inspiration? I do, and I think lot of my blogging girlfriends do too. It’s all creative work what we’re doing so you can’t always feel as inspired as you would wanted to. Because I know many of you probably feel the same way from time to time I figured that it would be fun to write a post with my tips on what to do in situations like this!

1. Get away from your computer: the first thing I always do when I feel uninspired is to get away from my computer. I usually never get an awesome idea from sitting behind my computer all day. Changing environment usually does wonders for the creative process so get on those running shoes and go outside!

2. Get back to your computer: eventually you have to get back to your computer, especially when you’re a blogger. Now we all now about all the famous inspiration websites which are all great to use but I just found a new awesome social media site called Springpop. It’s an invitation-only social media site that’s created a chicer, happier, and clutter-free way to explore your interests online. I use it as an online brainstorm. It’s filled with experts and brands in industries like fashion, beauty, health, fitness, and business, making it the perfect place to explore your interests (especially if you’re busy, and on the go). Think of it as your own personalized magazine, but better (because it also has fun features that are sure to make your day a little brighter). It’s design is sleek, and a lot less overwhelming than other similar sites. With its mantra that everyone has their own personal brand to share, it’s also a great way for up-and-coming bloggers and girl bosses to share their unique perspective with the world. Putting your brand on Springpop is a great way to market yourself or your business and get more traffic too! Like I said, the site is members online but I got an exclusive code for you to enter. It’s Queen of Jet Lags and you need it after filling in the basics! Check the site out here!

3. Read through your comments: another thing I like to do when I’m seeking inspiration is to go through all your lovely comments and see if there’s anything that a lot of you are talking about! Sometimes I get so much inspiration from going through my comments a full afternoon!

4. Start with titles: sometimes I think of titles of blogpost, even though I have no clue on what the actual blogpost is going to be about but I kind of get inspired from just thinking of a cool title and from that, there usually comes a lot of inspiration. I know it might sound weird, but this actually helps me.

That’s it for today! Last but not least guys, always remember QUALITY over QUANTITY. If you’re really not feeling like it, just don’t post anything! What are your ways to gain inspiration if you’re having a writer’s block? And if any of you tried out Springpop, let me know what you think!