queen of jet lags

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! As summer is alive and kicking (almost) everywhere I thought it be fun to talk a bit about blogging in the summer months. Because let’s be honest, for most of us our blog traffic goes down a little bit, simply because the weather is better outside, meaning there are not as many people behind their computer as let’s say in winter, and a lot of us are on holidays with limited access to the interwebs! This is why I always do either something new in the summer months or change my blogging schedule. Here are some tips to blog your way through summer:

1. Weekly throwback post: Last summer I decided to create a throwback Thursday every Thursday. I sometimes feel like all of us bloggers create amazing content throughout the year and it gets lost in all our posts and sometimes even forgotten. A weekly throwback Thursday in August for instance allows you to show your top favorite posts of the year again, or even show new content to newly readers!

2. Summer themed post: Another thing that always works really well are season related posts, so anything summer related would work really well and could go viral in these months! Think of posts like summer beauty essentials, how to stay fashion forward in summer etc. Remember to share these posts on Pinterest and of course Bloglovin’ as they might get featured!

3. Create videos: Another thing I recently picked up as many of you know is YouTube. Summer is the perfect time to start filming some videos as most of us have more spare time and we’re all more likely to go on more adventures which equals more fun content!

4. Re-design your website: Last summer I completely redesigned my website. As your traffic might be lower in these months it’s a good time to redesign or organize your website without all your readers being active everyday and seeing your under construction process!

These are my ways to get your blog through summer! If you have any additions let me know in the comments and I hope you’re all having the best summer ever! Hugs!