Well although the title would beg you to differ, I’ve actually been here for quite some time now. I think this is the longest period of time I’ve spent in New York since, well since ever. In total I’ve been in New York for three awesome weeks. In stead of taking outfit pictures I’ve taken a moment to look around and get to know the city. I also spent a week here by myself which resulted in endless walks and gazing through people’s windows. That actually sounds way more stalkerish than it was. I always love looking into people’s houses to get a glimpse, a minute, into their lives. It can be so inspiring.

For the fashion side of this post I got some help from kleding.nl. If you guys haven’t heard of this website before, it’s a huge website with hundreds of different webshops including many of my favorites such as Asos, Farfetch and Zalando. They gather all the information from these shops and have an awesome search engine where you can find all the items you’re looking for very precisely. I wanted to fully recreate the look I’m wearing today for you guys, so I’m curious what you guys think of the items I found. So what I did (and you guys are able to do this too!) is I made a Stylebook with all the items I’m wearing, which you can check here so you can shop my full look. Another fun fact is that kleding.nl does lots of cool interviews with bloggers, which I always love reading. All the reason to check out this awesome website. Hope you’re all having a great day, hugs!

Full look: Check here