As a fashion blogger you can probably figure out that shopping belongs to my favorite activities. I’ve been loving my shopping sprees here in the US, all the big malls have airco, awesome food places and make me even more excited about the experience. Being honest, I personally don’t really like to go shopping in my hometown Amsterdam. The Kalverstraat is always way too crowded for my taste and you know about us Dutchies, we have to deal with rain way too often. That’s why I thought sharing is caring and so I decided that today I wanted to tell you my shopping secret.

Whenever I feel like going shopping and really want to make a fun day out of it I go to ‘Stadshart Amstelveen’ which is the mall in Amstelveen, located about 15 minutes away from Amsterdam. Imagine going to ZARA and them actually having your size, even better, being in a clean and organized ZARA, yup it’s possible there! A couple of other reasons for me to go is that there is a Le Pain Quotidien (I am obsessive over their avocado toast and fresh lemonade) there is a Starbucks (I don’t care too much for all the hipster coffee places, nothing I love more than a good old Soya Cappuchino),  go to my favorite luxury store, de Bijenkorf and I always, always make sure to stop at MANGO and of course KIKO to buy an endless amount of make up. Another exciting fact is that one of my favorite Dutch stores, Scotch & Soda is opening soon!

Another thing I must not forget to tell you is that if you sign up to be a cardholder of the mall you can book a free (yup!) shopping session with a personal shopper!

Enough reasons for me to go, I’m already excited for my next trip! As a surprise to you,  Stadshart Amstelveen and me partnered to give away 250 euro’s worth of shopping money to one of you! All you have to do is keep an eye on my Instagram (@queenofjetlags and don’t forget to follow theirs (@stadshartamstlvn) and tag a friend to join the giveaway!

Now tell me what your perfect shopping experience looks like?



  • Reply August 7, 2015


    Sounds good! Next time I’m in Amsterdam I’ll make sure to stop by <3 xoxo

  • Reply August 7, 2015

    Leandra Guillet

    Yeah right, going to ZARA is always a mission! Finding my size, sure maybe, but it being organized? Especially in sale season? Never! Love this post!

    • Reply August 7, 2015

      Queen of Jet Lags

      Haha yes, I know it’s the worst, that’s why I loooove going to Zara at this place :-)!

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    Always looking amazing!!

  • Reply August 7, 2015


    This dress is fabulous, you look amazing!


  • Reply August 7, 2015


    That dress is so Pocahontas chic! Where is it from, I love it! 🙂

  • Reply August 7, 2015


    I absolutely adore your outfit, I cannot pull off the fringed look for the life of me- but then again you always nail the trends x

  • Reply August 7, 2015


    kiko, mango and zara have always been my go-to brands, and I love this outfit!

  • These photos are all so beautiful! The dress is cute 🙂

  • Reply August 7, 2015

    FAB le Frique

    Ben het helemaal met je eens. Kende dat daar in Amstelveen nog niet. Weet jij ook hoe het zit met parkeren? 😉 xx

    • Reply August 7, 2015


      Parkeren is heel erg duur!

  • Wow ik ben nog nooit in Amstelveen geweest maar zoveel leuke winkels precies ! Ik ga zeker meedoen aan de wedstrijd.

    x Karen

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    I love Stadshart. I live nearby so whenever I need to go to the Zara, this is the place I shop at! Love the post!

  • Reply August 7, 2015


    I . . . did not know you were from Amsterdam! I mean, I knew you had an accent and I was trying to figure it out, but Amsterdam! Cool. I’m actually going there next year for my birthday so these tips are super useful.


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    Love to shop there!!


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  • Reply August 7, 2015


    seems like a great place to shop

  • Reply August 7, 2015


    I seriously love shopping in the US so much, everything is just always there! And I’ve been spoiled by all the air conditioning 😀


  • Reply August 8, 2015


    very nice dress! I love Zara too.


  • Reply August 8, 2015


    today was very hot day in poland over 30C and that why i went to mall as there is so cool and not felt that hot air, so there i went to zara too, and h&m, bought stuff in zara- tank top and t-shirt, then went to h&m bogut frew tanks on sale, and then to spehora bought hd fundation make up forever on sale was happy, and then went to tschibo shop bought 2 sports bra, that was my today shopping experience, maybe to usa will go next year , maybe in some post you will say what shops you recomend in usa.Greetings Meg

  • Having a personal shopper sounds amazing — would take so much stress off finding the perfect piece!


  • Reply August 9, 2015


    Beautiful photos!

    X Malena

  • Reply August 10, 2015


    Yea, right, when Zara is organized it’s incredibly better! I can’t believe that Scotch and Soda are Dutchies, I love this place so damn much! I found about them in NYC, and their collection is incredible! I guess my perfect shopping experience would be heading to my favorite store, such as Zara and Mango, and just fly around the clothes and be able to choose what I want. But it’s always a mission to find exactly what I want in my size! x

  • Reply August 13, 2015


    Really? And organised Zara? Here in the netherlands, I’ve never encountered one! So awesome! 🙂
    x Angela //

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