I saw a post somewhere the other day which was about 5 signs you’re going to be successful in life. As always I clicked on it (you know, because you have to, let’s be honest) and while reading I figured that it would be fun to write a post about the same thing, only blogging related. As I’ve been blogging full time for more than a year now and observed many things left and right I decided to write my take on 5 signs you know you’re going to be a successful blogger, so, here we go!

1. You’re a passionate person: Obviously when you start out as a blogger you need to be passionate about blogging, not just a little bit, but more of a I want to do this 24-7 type of passionate. If you know you’re feeling this way you will be successful, because everything you do with passion usually turns out to be a success.

2. You have a lot of perseverance: Blogging takes time, growing your blog takes time, becoming a pro takes time. I could sugarcoat it but that’s just the reality. I was just talking with Sarah this week about how we dislike our first ever blog pictures and how bad they were, but because of our attitude and perseverance we became better and stronger at what we do. If you have the power to keep pushing, go for it!

3. You have the luxury of time: As I mentioned in the previous point, blogging takes time! A lot of time! Honestly, I’m not sure if I would’ve been able to grow my blog as fast as it did if I would have been in a 40 hours job. When I started blogging I was finishing university and had plenty of time to kill, mostly at home, and mostly behind my laptop. I’m not saying it’s impossible if you have a very busy life to become successful at blogging but you need to give yourself time and you have to allow yourself to take the time without feeling guilty about it.

4. You have a positive attitude: Good things happen when you spread positivity and a big reason to start a blog in the first place is often because you want to share your positivity about either fashion, your lifestyle, photography, writing or what you feel passionate about. As every self employed person you will have to deal with some

5. You have something to prove to yourself: Most people try to compete with each other but the best thing in life you should do, and what most successful business people do, is prove themselves they can do it. Who cares what anybody thinks or what everyone around you does? The only person you need to feel motivated towards to succeed is you and you only. If you haven’t already, implement this in your life!