queen of jet lags

I often forget how important the weekend is. Being self employed often means working in the weekends. I might not work on Fridays or Mondays from time to time but throughout the year I have been working a lot of weekends! With the arrival of summer and going on lots of work free holidays I’ve been enjoying myself a lot, maybe even too much lately so the title of this post couldn’t be more appropriate for my current state of mind. I have been the weekender for the last month. With that being said I’m excited to slowly get back into my working schedule, with all the traveling I always just want to create content and live life, I always feel like my finances, taxes and e-mails can wait. Yes, that’s the honest truth, it might not be too motivating but at least it will leave you with a lot of pictures :-). Hugs.

Bottom: River Island (shop it here) Top: Sapph (similar here) Kimono: H&M Hat: J Crew (get it here) Bag: Chanel

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