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Happy Wednesday guys! It seems like the topic of collaborations and how to get them as a blogger is something bloggers always end up talking about when they gather together. It shouldn’t be the most important thing but I personally really like to hear experiences from my colleagues and I’m always more than happy to share my experiences. So I thought I’d share my personal tips on how I experienced I could get nice collaborations with brands in the last years! So here we go:

1. Be visible: One of the many things I’d never did was putting my e-mail address on my Instagram bio. I never really knew why I didn’t do it but when I noticed ALL bloggers were doing it I decided that I should probably do it too. Ever since the day I’ve done this I got many more requests for Instagram collaborations. This is just an example but other things to do are attend events that you find fit your style and make sure you introduce yourself to the PR or Marketing manager of the brand.

2. Have sell-able content: One thing that I always say is that amazing content will set you apart from other platforms/blogs and is something that can truly make you unique. What a brand is ultimately looking for is content that suits them and what they stand for and content that they can also use for themselves. This makes is worth their while even more.

3. Have an amazing mediakit: If a brand contacts you with interest it’s really good to be professional and to have a mediakit that shows all your assets, portfolio and case studies. I’ve shared my mediakit once with you, you can read that post here, but have updates my mediakit big time since the. However you might still find it interesting to see.

4. Pitch your own projects: This is something I’ve been doing more and more recently. There are many brands that maybe don’t know about your blog or social accounts but are a really good brand match in your opinion. Whenever I feel like this I brainstorm about what I could do and visualize it in a presentation and make sure it gets to the brand.

I’m really curious to hear what you guys think of these tips! And for you guys out there that are bloggers too, let me know how you handle your collaborations! Hugs.


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