Hi guys! One of my favorite things about spending time at home is that I don’t have to eat out every night. I know, I might sound as a spoiled brat right now but there’s nothing better than a home cooked meal shared with your family and friends. That’s why I decided it would be fun to take you guys into my house and share my favorite foods from time to time. A pre-warning, don’t expect a gluten free – vegan – diary free meals as I’m not a health queen.

To kick it off I’m excited to share my personal favorite burger recipe with you today. As a Dutchy the way to my heart of course is cheese, so I couldn’t miss out on this ingredient. I also decorated the burger with some tomatoes and jalapenos. My favorite finishing touch and must on a burger is Hellmanns sauce. Loads of it. Without(!) any other sauce. Haha. Now, tell me about your favorite ways to build a burger! Hugs!

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