Happy Wednesday guys! Many of you have been asking me if I think all the traveling I do made my blog grow faster. I could go into this thoroughly but the answer is just simply, yes. However, what doesn’t come to mind with everyone (which is completely fine) is that traveling takes time (a whole lot of time), energy and adjustments. Lately I’ve found myself quite often fighting my schedule to find time to blog, grow the blog, create content and do all the things I want to do. If you’re keen on traveling, like me, you need to make sure you have everything in check to not slack at the blog and at the same time seek new opportunities for your blog to grow. With my experience of traveling full time for 5 years I’ve found out that these are the most important things:

1. Plan, plan, plan: I’m the best at making to do lists and planning and the absolute worst sticking to them. I can’t tell you the amount of times where I had a busy traveling schedule coming up and I told myself; ‘I’m SO making sure I will schedule all my blogposts for the first week of traveling and create content ahead’! However, when I left for New York two weeks ago for fashion week I actually, for the first time ever, scheduled my blog posts a week ahead. So when I arrived to New York I didn’t had 8 hours of work left when I returned home after all the shows but instead I could rest and make sure I had a lot of energy the next day.

2. Authentic content: Traveling is THE opportunity to create new and authentic content, something different than what you’re readers are used to, and quite often even better content than you would usually create. Another thing I like to do is when I have exciting projects going is to shoot these projects while traveling.

3. Socialize: Another thing that’s good about traveling is that you will meet a lot of new people. It’s always good to tell everyone about your blog to get your name out there and they might just follow you! Another thing that’s good to do while traveling is try to schedule meetings with brands you’ve always wanted to work with but are usually not enable to actually go and see and introduce yourself in person.

4. Plane productivity: My workflow is the absolute best about 10.000 ft up in the air where there is preferably no wifi and I can fully concentrate on writing and editing pictures. At home or in the office I would usually edit one post a day, but on a long haul flight I’ve had time where I came out of the plane with 5 posts fully edited and ready to go online!

5. Evaluate: While traveling you will have a lot of time to evaluate the things that you’re doing with your blog and to think about where you want to go and think of future goals. Often when you’re out of your comfort zone you look at things in a new perspective which can give you new interesting insights. I also find that I’m more creative when I’m traveling which is something that usually results in new ideas, a new strategies and empowering my brand/blog even more!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you have any tips or questions about this subject, please leave them below! Hugs!