Over the last years I got to know so many news brands and learned more about my fashion DNA and which brands work for me and which ones don’t. Especially after periods of trail and error I think I have a clear view now about what I like and what I don’t. One of the brands that feels very me is Tommy Hilfiger, I feel like I’m a true Tommy girl. Between spending my time in America and Europe I inherited bits of both cultures which influences my style nowadays and fits the Tommy brand perfectly. I felt so honored that they asked me to shoot their set of images for the first sponsored Instagram campaign they were doing. I’ve noticed many of you saw it already but if not, I hope you do! This is the first part of the shoot we did and I can’t wait to show you more the upcoming days.. Hugs!

Coat / Sweater / Shorts / Boots / Bag


tommy hilfiger1tommy hilfiger2

Photography by Vivian Hoorn