Yes, the title of this post is a mouth full. I’ve been talking about this a lot these last years though with friends, colleges and family.  After graduating university I worked for about a year full time until my blog became my full time job, the biggest blessing ever. Let me first say that I absolutely love school/uni although I know it’s not the way for everyone. Having said that I also feel like I could’ve never learned so much as I’ve done the last years from working as a blogger. These 5 things stood out most to me:

1. The online world is changing everyday and you need to immerse with those changes: As 90% of what we do finds place online we constantly have to stay up to date with all things on the www. You can surely have people help you out with everything that comes with it but let’s be honest, the first years you are most likely spending day and night on your computer. As I’ve gone to art school the online world played about 10% in my full education which is not enough regarding the future and any possible job that you will work on.

2. How to brand yourself: I’ve learned about branding in school but never even came close to learning about how to sell yourself as a brand or how to be an entrepreneur 2.0, which is getting more present than ever. Through blogging I went to the full process of this and as I needed to learn to look at myself as a brand I learned way more about marketing than I could’ve ever learned in school.

3. Content is king: For me personally, studying Museum Studies, where content plays a big part, I still didn’t fully came to understanding how much this is true and how quickly a mind creates an opinion after seeing just one piece of content. Of course I learned that regarding content it’s always quality over quantity but it’s so much more important to teach this in an actual case. I can not even tell you how much I’ve learned about the meaning of content in the last year by just working with content 24/7 and not just learning about it.

4. Just being there: I think Woody Allen (correct me if it’s someone else) once said ‘99 percent of life is showing up’. And although I am that weirdo that likes to sit at home day and night this is more than true. Honestly, could someone quoted me this earlier in life?

I hope you all liked today’s post and I can’t wait to hear your opinion about it? Do you agree with me?

Source picture: Pinterest