Happy Wednesday guys! For today’s tips I wanted to write something about Instagram again as so many of you ask me about Instagram tips! I already wrote an article about how to grow your Instagram, see it here, so if you’re interested in that one, check it out! I’m always checking out people’s Instagram and analyzing what I like about it and what I don’t, so I thought it would be fun to share my ultimate don’ts when it comes to Instagram:

1. Don’t over saturate you’re pictures: Nothing annoys me as much as seen an essentially beautiful picture where someone went out and over saturated the sh*t out of it. Think grass that suddenly has a neon green color, a selfie where the skin color turned orange, a hair line that’s not blonde but also turned orange, you get the picture! Just don’t use the saturation option too much.

2. Don’t use too many different filters: The reason why I start following some Instagram accounts is because when I first look at their accounts their grid is so, so pretty and inspirational. When you start to use different type of filters and colors in your pictures your grid can become super messy. A good thing to prevent from posting too many different filters and to keep your grid neat and pretty is to download VSCO Cam and create a ‘fake feed’ so you can keep track of all the filters you use.

3. Don’t post the same type of pictures that everyone is posting: If you want to grow your Instagram account, or want to have a cool account in general, it’s important to post original content. I remember that EVERYONE started posting minimalistic pictures a year ago because it was the trend. When you want to grow your following and have followers that like you for your style, not just because you post popular images you need to make sure you don’t post too much generic content.

4. Don’t be a spammer: A big reason for me to unfollow people is when they clutter my feed. I would recommend to wait at least an hour to post a new picture but the best is probably a minimum of two hours. Sure, when you get really excited you can post two pictures in an hour, but just don’t post 6 holiday snaps in 30 minutes!

5. Don’t repost photos without giving¬†photo credit: I know so, so many girls who do this and I personally think it’s not ok. It’s cool when you see a picture on Pinterest or Weheart it to share it when you absolutely love it, just clearly state the picture is not yours and try to find the original source of the picture and credit is all the time. You don’t want angry comments under your picture!

The above points are my opinion and I know it’s all subjective so I know not everyone will agree with me! What do you guys think are absolute Instagram don’ts?