I’m so excited to finally share this post where I can take you with me into one of the coolest days during Paris Fashion Week. I got invited by Louis Vuitton to go on a trip to Asnieres and to the Foundation of Louis Vuitton to learn and experience a bit more about the brand. The day started bright and early in Asnieres, close to Paris, in the Louis Vuitton family house. A place where Louis Vuitton is celebrated in all it’s glory. Having studies Cultural Heritage for many year this was really a dream come true. We started our tour with some croissants and coffee and browsed through the living room before we were heading to the workshop, located next to the house..

The most exciting thing of the day for me was visiting the workshop to ‘smell and feel’ and see where the actual craftsmanship of a brand with this huge heritage takes place. Even up until today the key pieces, such as the trunks (I need own one some day) are being crafted in this workshop. Louis Vuitton’s sons all learned the art of the craft here. Another fun fact we learned is that every order with a lock get’s a key with a unique number and is registrated in their archive. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to research something related to Louis Vuitton for your thesis and to research those archives. If you buy a trunk with a lock from Louis Vuitton anywhere in the world, the people in Asnieres can help you with finding the unique number and send you a key. If you’re a collector you can get one key which can open all your items.

After visiting the workshop we continued to the gallery, which is open to the public, where you can find the most iconic LV pieces. The exhibition we visited was curated by Judith Clark, who is such an idol for me as she is doing she work I always imagined myself doing.

After our experience in Asnieres we continued to the Louis Vuitton Fondation. I’ve admired the Frank Gehry designed museum many times but so far didn’t had time or a chance to go inside. The experience was extra special as the current exhibition is about pop & music and since my boyfriend is a musician and accompanied us that day we all found a little something to learn. I enjoyed every little corner and discovery I made¬† and I’m so grateful to have experienced this day!


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