Happy Wednesday guys! You know I always like to write about things that are currently happening in life or on my mind and right now I’m really dealing with getting up out of bed bright and early and kick start the day with more energy to be more productive. As I’m my own boss it’s not always key to be in my own office at 8.30 AM or at least it doesn’t seem like it’s necessary. But I’ve decided to be a bit healthier regarding my sleeping schedule (I love to go to bed at 5 AM everyday) with the baby coming up! Here’s my 5 favorite tips to making getting out of bed easier:

1: Bed Rituals: My mind can be a huge creative mess overloaded with new ideas and things I need or want to do, sometimes. There are loads of options for bed rituals. Do whatever makes you relaxed and calm! I personally like to have a bath before bed and have some soothing scents in my bath- and bedroom.

2: Go to bed early: This will probably sound like a broken record but IT IS TRUE! Getting enough sleep makes waking up so much easier. And above all: it’s extremely necessary you do! I feel so much better and work much more effective when I’ve gotten enough rest. Also my skin shows huge differences when I sleep enough to when I don’t.

3: Sleep without your phone in the room: I often caught myself getting in bed at 11 pm but only falling asleep at 1 am. Sometimes I even wake up with my face on or closely next to my phone, because I have fallen asleep on it. Put it away just as you do with your computer or laptop at the end of your work day! You are also more likely to get out of bed faster when your phone is not in your room because you get excited about checking all the messages.

4: Use your meetings wisely: When I know I want to have a long day at the office I always make sure to plan my meetings super, super early so there’s no excuse to slack in the morning. Also after the meetings you have got plenty of time left to spend at your office or just for other tasks.

5: Create a routine: If you get your body used to getting to bed at 11 pm and waking up at 8 am things will be a lot easier. Just make sure you stay just about the same sleeping times. Not only your body will thank you but your mind also knows what he’s up to!

These 5 are just my favorite tips. As I’m still a newbie in this lifestyle I would love to hear your advice, guys! What is your holy grail to getting out of bed easy?

Image source: Pinterest