Happy Wednesday guys! As many of you know I recently moved my home office to a ‘real office’ in a ‘real office building’. I couldn’t be more happy and excited about my new office and will show some pictures when I’m done decorating (which will be in 2050 if we are as busy as we are now). Anyways, as I feel like I’m more productive that I’m working from this space now than the other office I was thinking about what it was that made me lose focus to quickly at home and wanted to give you some tips on how to be good at this as I know so many of you run their blogs from home! So these are the most important things to me:

1. Organize your work environment: If I was working from my home office and the environment surrounding it used to be messy there was NO way I could focus. I really needed to get everything organized so there was no distraction or anything that could get my mind of getting things done. Just try to clean your working space at the end of every day so you can start the next day with a fresh start.

2. Get dressed: I used to think, YES, I have the best job ever, I can stay in my pyamas until noon! As much as this sounds like fun, me being in pyamas gave me a huge connotation with the weekend and ended up with me getting lost on the web. So, if you need a productive day, get dressed in the morning, take a shower, wear shoes (sounds weird, but worked for me) and get your work done!

3. Get rid of your phone: Although part of my blogger existence means being on mobile apps such as Snapchat and Twitter I always found way, way to much distraction on my phone. I could have around 10 What’s App conversations at the same time and play Candy Crush for hours. So put your phone in a different room and away from your computer. What I also did in my time working from home was block all my What’s App notifications. Right now, I can only see What’s Apps coming in when I actually open the app.

4. Prioritize: Especially when you are working from home you need to prioritize. Doing laundry and making phone calls with friends doesn’t need to be a priority when you’re trying to focus and be productive on the job. Writing down a list with key tasks before your day always works, I still do that every day now.

5. Make a daily schedule: I’ve done this every now and then and really found it worked. The most important thing is to make it the day before and to not forget to give yourself breaks as well. I always used to give myself a long break of an hour so the chance of cheating and losing focus would be a bit less and I could still enjoy myself and working from home!

I hoped you enjoyed reading this post and can’t wait to hear you opinion on this subject! What do you guys do to focus when you work from home?


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    The Sunday Mode

    I make a daily schedule too but naturally add in a fair amount of time for food breaks because you know, priorities. I usually break the day into little sections depending on what I’m doing. So for example I’ll have a little ‘blog’ section where I just have everything I want to get done for the blog that day. I find doing this makes it really easy to prioritise because I’m not being distracted by the million other unrelated things I want to get done.


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    Linda Libra Loca

    For me it is not wearing shoes, but putting on makeup. WheneverI wear my makeup, I feel like I am in adult mode, getting things done.

    But I don’t work from home, so I just use this little trick on the weekends when I need to get stuff done.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

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      Genuine Jobs

      Actually, that’s a pretty neat advice. it’s all about getting yourself into that ‘work mindset’, and these small tips really do the trick!

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    Thanks for these great tips. Creating a schedule sounds like such an easy and yet effective way of doing things! Gotta try that!

    Love, Kerstin

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    Pia Hocevar Mucic

    awesome tips, thanks for sharing!

    Lunjasky bloglovin

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    Madeliene Rose

    Those are aome seriously pretty socks!


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    Toni Clarke

    Great tips, a tidy space definitely creates a tidy mind. I like having a candle in my at home working environment as it just helps me relax a little more, I also love making lists as I feel super pleased at the end of the day to see everything ticked off!

    Toni x

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    Zuma Ayriyan

    Excellent tips! The first one is big one for me these days (my house got flooded and I had to move entire house out to dry it and then in! Agh!!) Happy to say that I mastered the ‘get dressed’ one! xx Zuma

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    These are some really good tips. Get dressed is the most important for me, to get myself into, you are ready for today mode.



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    This is awesome advice. Keep a schedule, get things done <3


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    Lovey Fleming

    Beautiful cover photo– Mind if I repost it on IG? I love all your tips and as I am currently working from my bed I will definitely take your advice and make a designated work space~



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    Angharad Boyson

    They are great tips. I am working from home today but decided on the one big task I have to tackle before I look at anything else.

  • To help increase your focus, start with a good breakfast, and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Don’t multitask, close your door, and listen to music if it helps you concentrate.

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    I’m going to try all of this … love your blog, but leaving to work! haha

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    Pippi Hepburn

    Haha, so simple and what I don’t do but will now, Put On Shoes! I have now rented a studio space so I work there, but those days like today I cannot get there, and am in my slippers working from home (like today), accomplish less. Thanks for the great tips!

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