I don’t think I ever posted as many outfits in one month as this one! I didn’t even put all of them here, but just went for my favorites! This was such a crazy month, traveled to my favorite European cities such as London, Rome, and Paris. But the biggest news of all this month was of course my pregnancy announcement! I’m soooo excited to meet my little baby! As you see there’s still not a lot of bumpstyle going on as the belly is not growing really fast! Anyways, my favorite thing with these recaps is always to find out which look you guys liked the most! I think my favorite is the one with the nude trenchoat and white trousers or the red suit!

To see more of the looks and for details you can click on the pictures!

queen of jet lags10 queen of jet lags1 tommy hilfiger2 IMG_5392edit