Happy Wednesday guys! I always get so many questions about the apps I like to use for my blog that I decided to write another article about it. Previously on Wednesdays I’ve already written about my favorite photography editing apps so this time I thought it might be interesting to tell you about the apps I use for the business side of my blog and which ones I can’t live without:

1. Google Analytics: I have to admit that I’m really an analytics addict and I’m not ashamed of it. Blog analytics, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, you name it I look through all of them. I use the Google Analytics app most often on my phone so I can check how everything is going on the blog.

2. Dropbox: My boyfriend has been telling me to use Dropbox for my high res blog pictures for more than a year now and about a month ago I finally decided that sometimes he is right (just sometimes, not always) and that Dropbox is basically the best thing (and app) ever. Sometimes when I’ve edited pictures for my blog I want to add some cool filters I have in one of my photography app or if I want to post a blog picture to my Instagram, Dropbox is my best friend.

3. RewardStyle: I think some of you are not familiar with Rewardstyle so in case you don’t know: Rewardstyle is one of the most used affiliate programs by bloggers. On their app you can make the pictures you post to Instagram shopable with a unique link so I use this app almost every single day to create a liketoknowit links!

4. VSCO: Next to using all the VSCO app filters for my pictures I also (and with me many bloggers) use VSCO to create a ‘fake’ Instagram feed as I like to call it. Because I want my Instagram feed or grid to look well put together and pretty, I always test if a picture will look good in VSCO before publishing it to Instagram.

5. Wunderlist: As I’m the most unorganized person on planet earth (something I’m trying to change quite desperately) I continuously need to make list because I forget everything, especially right now with my pregnancy brain. My favorite app ever to make lists, to do’s is Wunderlist. It looks pretty and the usability is amazing.

So there are more or less my most use apps for my blog! Would loooove to know which apps you guys use most frequently!

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  • Lovey Fleming

    This is so perfect! Downloading them all– thank you!


  • Dropbox is perfect for storing high volume of hi-res images so I agree it is very useful! Thanks for sharing the other apps too!


  • BeautyByMeryl

    this is so convenient! I have dropbox but never thought about using it for my blog, I will now!

  • missgetaway

    Ah thanks a lot. I didn’t know Wunderlist yet but it sure seems to be a great app.

    Love, Kerstin

  • The Sunday Mode

    Hadn’t heard of some of these before but I definitely want to check them out. I’m a big fan of VCSO cam, it’s one of my favourites!

  • I love VSCO Cam. It’s one of my favorite editing apps! X

  • Stefanie Pink

    I am using all of these apps too :-))

    xo Stefanie

  • VSCO is one of my favourite apps to use for photo editing, I love the reference to the ”fake instagram feed” – hehe!
    Bee |

  • i’m using the same except wunderlist 🙂

    Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  • I am so addicted to VSCO cam, it’s the perfect image editing app! I must admit I’ve never thought to use it as a fake Instagram feed, but that definitely makes sense!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  • Enn Franco

    Yeap, I am using Google Analytics, VSCO and a Dropbox sometimes too) The first two are my favs, Google Analytics really helps to see what is going on on the blog in a good or a bad way, and VSCO is really useful for editing pictures.

  • Wunderlist and Dropbox are great for any productive environment.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Blogger as well, I used a lot of Apps, but mostly Vsco, Google Analytics and rS of course is one of my most loved! I love those tips, and they are so useful. Productivity at its best! x

  • I LOVE using VSCO cam definitely in my top 5 favs as well. =)

    Abbie E.

  • I’ve never thought of using VSCO as a fake insta feed. I will def give that a go if I can figure that out! I also love that you can use these on your phone. Dropbox is SERIOUSLY the best – it is how my photographer and I communicate about shots, and it makes it so seamless (and clears up my email inbox bc we keep the back and forth there!) so it is such a win. I absolutely LOVE this series, I’ve seriously learned so much from you! xx SS

  • Google analytics is echt nodig als je eens in contact staat met pr bureaus en merken. Rewardstyle hoop ik ook snel te hebben.

    x Karen

  • The only one of these I had actually heard of was Google Analytics! Definitely gonna check them all out, so thank you! 🙂


  • Handige apps allemaal! Zelf vind ik de app Fog of World ook erg leuk, niet per se eentje die handig is voor het bloggen maar wel als je veel reist, zoals jij doet! 🙂

  • VSCO cam always makes my photos looks stunning and can’t imagine my phone without it! Also Wanderlist is very handy!

  • Thanks for sharing your tips! I love wunderlist and dropbox too 😀

    xx Michaela


  • Anu

    I never thought about using VSCO as a fake feed. That is a really good thought.

  • You should use FashionTap App where you can actually monetize your content VERY easily by tagging your exact items to your images via shopstyle built in links. You can also be found in the database as a blogger by your location for work! It’s the best app ever

  • Ik gebruik VSCO ook altijd! 🙂