Now I expected myself the last person to give tips about this subject because I’ve always found myself having such a hard time with this matter but because they say you preach best what you need to learn most, I decided that I would write an article about this. For myself as a reminder, and hopefully for many others who also find them self struggling with this! These are the things that so far helped me most with this:

  1. Collect all your tasks: I always start with pulling everything together I must finish that day as I often come to realize by this step already that there are things that can wait. Just doing this for a couple of minutes can already give you a better view on your priorities.
  2. Ask yourself: is everything equally important? I often think everything is a HUGE priority but when I think of it with a clear mind, it seems like some things can wait, while others can’t.
  3. Order tasks by effort: The next thing I do is organize everything by effort. I personally like to start with tasks that take the longest time and ended with the ‘lighter’ to do tasks.
  4. Put your phone away: I know tough, I get distracted by that damn phone so much during a work day! When I know shit needs to be done I usually put my phone on airplane mode or just put it somewhere far away from my desk so I’m not in any way tempted to grab it and see how many likes my Instagram pictures get (yes, I know this is stupid, but let’s be honest here, who doesn’t do this?)
  5. Just get started: Another thing that happens way to often is that in my mind I start to stress so much about all the urgent priorities and deadlines that I end up doing nothing. Yes, not one single thing. I had the same when I was a student and had to work on a huge project. The amount of time it took me to actually get started was just out of this world. I really force myself now to just start. Even if it is the smallest thing, as long as I get myself in the right mode to finish those deadlines.

As I definitely don’t consider myself a pro yet in this department I would love to know what you guys do to prioritize your work and life? Hope these tips help! Hugs!

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  • Robyn

    Hahaha loveee the “put your phone away” tip. I do this too. Totally necessary to get things done!


  • Great tips, especially setting priorities & turning off your phone is really important! Something else I like to do is to plan something great for the evening so that I got something to look forward to (it’s mostly Netflix haha) x


  • missgetaway

    Absolutely love this. Especially the putting away your phone one. We don’t even realize how much time we spend on the phone that could be used productively!

    Love, Kerstin

  • Macy

    Lovely tips! I think this is someone everyone struggles with from time to time, I know I do <3 xoxo

  • Erica

    I love this post! I am the person who loves planners and to do lists, but I forget to put the phone down. Thank you so much for sharing! xx


  • Love the phone idea, I always have to force myself to do this!

  • I write lists to break things down in smaller sections and have learned over time which time of the day I am best at doing different things. Writing is something I like to do around 11 am until lunch, while making important calls is best done for me right away in the morning.

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  • Lovey Fleming

    I always find myself bookmarking your posts and rereading them all the time!

    Thank you for your tips!



  • The Sunday Mode

    I usually create daily to do lists for myself, I write down everything I need to do within the day and then break it into ‘Morning, Afternoon and Evening’ so I know when in the day I’ll get around to doing each thing.


  • Excellent points! All of them!! And no matter what you think, you are a very organized girl. You would never be able to lead such busy life if you weren’t! Loved the point of turning phone to airplane mode, haven’t thought of it!! xx Zuma

  • I came up with 5 things to start organising my life also, haha. As for organisation, I’m not an expert, and I do tend to waste a lot of time just checking my damn phone, so I try to use a calendar, a reminder, organising my work space (which is the most important and inspiring thing right?) and also create a routine, such as starting with longest time taking tasks! Thanks for sharing Noor! x


  • Eva Gabrielle

    Heel handig Noor! Heel herkenbaar dat wanneer je zo gestrest bent je uiteindelijke helemaal niks doet. Ik zit nu in mijn eindexamenjaar, maar ben een paar jaar geleden niet overgaan doordat school teveel stress voor me was, waardoor ik aan het eind van het jaar vastliep en niks meer deed. Nou, ik moet nu maar weer gauw verder aan mijn profielwerstuk over hoe feminisme en mode elkaar hebben beïvloed.

  • Putting my phone away has been one of my goals for this year and I think that I have been doing a decent job at it. I will turn it off in the morning for about two hours and within that time frame, I do most of what I want to accomplish for that day! It’s incredible how one thing like a phone can distract you from managing your time productively.
    Thanks for sharing these great tips!
    Take care,
    C | http://atlantic-c.blogspot.ca/

  • Indi Stilling

    These are so helpful, I will definitely be using these tips x

  • I get so distracted by my phone too – I totally get the Insta thing… hahaha oops