It feels like ages ago the last time that I shared a post from Amsterdam. Yesterday I suddenly felt the need to write a bit more of a personal update as I feel like it’s overdue. To be honest, I got so so many comments and e-mails about my pregnancy.  I obviously dropped the news that I’m pregnant a while back and didn’t completely realize that I didn’t update you guys more here. As I talk about it in daily life quite often I feel like everyone always knows everything already.

I will be 26 weeks pregnant to be precise this Wednesday and I haven’t traveled for two weeks which is pretty long compared to my itineraries the last six years. It felt so good to settle down but now I wouldn’t mind traveling again although it is really lovely here, I’m more in love with my lovely house in Amsterdam than ever. I think I will travel to Los Angeles around the end of the year to celebrate New Years Eve and go to New York in the first week of January. Can you believe my unborn baby will go to New York for the fourth time with me? As you guys probably can figure I will stay home the last six weeks of my pregnancy :-).

Another thing people have seemed to comment on a lot is that my baby bump is barely showing! It’s there, I promise, it’s just not so apparent as some would think it is. You guys know I’m always quite skinny, I actually already gained 11 kilos during this pregnancy but the baby bump is still tiny. And don’t forget that it’s cold in Europe right now, so I’m layering and wearing sweaters. I’m sure the bump will be more visible in about two weeks, they say that from week 27 you gain a lot every week so I will make sure to take some pictures soon! Now I’m going to get some breakfast and hang out with my boyfriend. If you guys want to know more you can always ask me in the comments or ask me anywhere else on my social channels! Hugs!

Photography Vivian Hoorn

Trenchcoat: Gestuz (similarSweater Dress: Zara (similarBoots: Asos (similarBag: Chanel