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Hey guys! Happy Wednesday! Everyone is always debating whether using hashtags on Instagram works or not. I personally still use hashtags from time to time and found they really work and enlarge your visibility on Instagram and give you new followers. However, you need to be careful with using them, I would recommend keeping the next four things in mind:

  1. Know your hashtags: Most common use of hashtags: #girl #outfit #fashion. No! Are you wearing #overknee boots? Tag them! So if someone’s looking for overknee inspiration, they’ll find you.
  2. Browse: Are you a foodblogger or -lover? Eat your heart out at #foodporn and like and comment whenever you feel like!
  3.  it. People with the same interests and accounts will notice you by doing that and might like, comment or even follow back.
  4. Post them immediately: When you post a picture, make sure you comment your hashtags in the caption or in the first comment as soon as the picture goes live. When you do this later, more recent picture will outshine yours.
  5. Create your own: I add the hashtag #queenoffatlegs at all my food pictures so food lovers can easily find my personal collection of the popular #foodporn in only one tap. As there is a lot of beauty posts coming your way I already started hashtagging my Instagram posts with #queenofjetlagsbeauty. This way your older pictures will still be getting likes and comments!

Do you guys use hashtags? Do you think it works?