Hey guys! Only a couple of weeks ago I told you how excited I was that fall was finally arriving in Amsterdam. Well, Winter is now! After a couple of rainy and stormy days, it’s definitely freezing cold over here now. I don’t really mind tough, since I love layering up and having cozy nights in, especially now that I’m pregnant and am not enjoying my red wines.

The other day I went to the Museumplein in Amsterdam to go to the ice rink. My boyfriend and I go multiple times when we’re in Amsterdam. We get happy as little kids and spend our days ice skating in the center of the city. Today I was wearing my favorite booties and coat to keep warm. And believe it or not, I still wouldn’t mind to change my UGG’s for some ice skates for a few hours. Ice skating is one of my favorite festivity activities!

Sweater: Zara (similar) Sleeveless Vest: Vince Leggings: Vince Backpack: Meli Melo Boots: Ugg


And of course, after a long winter day there’s only one thing that can make a day better and that is laugh and drink some hot chocolate milk!