December is my absolute favorite month of the year. Every time I go somewhere I just can’t help but feeling extremely happy seeing all the Christmas decorations and the festive lights. Especially during this month there are a lot of cool things to do with friends, your boyfriend or family and I always make sure to do all of them. This is the first December I’m spending at home (I’m leaving the 26th to the US) so I’m enjoying it to the max. These are my favorite three things to do in December.

1. Go ice skating: In Amsterdam, and I believe in all cities/villages world wide the ice skating seasons starts which means a super festive ice rank in the city centre. My favorite to go to is the one on the museum square in Amsterdam. I’ve already been three times, there’s loud music playing, the view of the gorgeous museums is fab and they have amazing drinks and snacks. I always go with my boyfriend as it’s one of our December traditions and I absolutely love ice skating.

2. Visiting Christmas markets: As I’m the biggest sucker for everything Christmas I of course take the opportunity in December to visit some Christmas markets. As Amsterdam is close to Germany I’m actually surprised I’ve never been to a German market as they tend to be a bit bigger but I do always visit everything Amsterdam has to offer. This coming weekend for instance there is a Christmas market at Roest in Amsterdam which for those of you who are local and are interested should be fun to check out!

3. Drinking hot chocolate: I think most of you have already figured out that one of my favorite things to do in life (and especially now that I’m pregnant) is to consume everything chocolaty. So when the December month makes it entry I kick it off by treating myself to hot chocolate (of course including whipped cream). I already had at least 12 this month 🙂