Hi guys! Happy Wednesday. As I always like to share tips about subjects that I’ve dealt with in real life I wanted to talk about stress today. One of my main issues while working in this online industry I would say. With all the deadlines, last minute things and places to be I used to find myself stressing so much about everything. Especially in the month of December as Christmas and social obligations are also taking time and all the end of the year things need to be finished stress seems to be more apparent than ever. Here are my 5 tips I use for dealing with stress:

1.Write it down: To do lists are your best friend! Not only so you don’t forget about certain things but also to clear your mind. Read my 5 tips on how to become a to do list pro here.

2. Workspace: Make sure your workplace is clean and simple. I don’t like it when there’s bits and bobs everywhere, since they can be really distracting. Just keep keep it simple. Next to my laptop, computer and phone I only like to have some fresh flowers and a big glass of water on my desk.

3. Distraction: Invite your funniest friend over and have a good laugh! This will help you take your mind of the things you’re stressing about. I also like to watch reruns of Friends or to watch some YouTube videos.

4. Comfort food: You guys probably know I’m a huge lover of sweets. I like to treat myself whenever I’m stressed about work, the sugar high gives me that extra boost! Also I can really enjoy a good lunch. So what I do when I have loads of stuff to do but also have appointments I like to meet people for lunch!

5. Relax: Exercise, take a bath or do whatever you like to do. My point is basically to remind you to take care of yourself. Sometimes your endless to do list seems more important, but don’t take work over your own health! Whenever I tried all above mentioned options and I’m still extremely stressed I like to take a warm bath in which I throw a huge bath bomb and just enjoy the warmth and smell. No electronic devices are allowed in my bathroom at that point!