Wow, I’m already feeling overwhelmed thinking of what I will write in this post and just thinking about the year 2015. So prepare yourselves to read a mega long post! It’s needless to say that 2015 has been my year, I’m not sure if you’re allowed to say that yourself, but I will. So much has happened, so much has changed, so many good things happened, not a lot of bad ones, and I feel so satisfied about what I’ve accomplished this year. To name some highlights, I got pregnant with a baby girl this year, won a Bloglovin’ Award for ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ during New York Fashion Week, won the ‘Zalando Best Fashion Blog of 2015’ award, I was in all the H&M windows with the ‘H&M Selected by Queen of Jet Lags’ collaboration, designed my own ‘Queen of Jet Lags Essie favorites’ box for my favorite nailpolish brand Essie, which is available now, co-designed pieces for brands such as Goosecraft, started long term collaborations with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Armani, and Samsonite, became a Dutch ambassador of Redken, I produced Tommy Hilfiger’s first Instagram sponsored global campaign, started working with MTV and co-hosted the MTV EMA party in the Netherlands for a loaaad of people, got my own office, started hiring co-workers and have been in 62 flights this year. Well, that was a long sentence of accomplishments but I feel like we all did it together, there shouldn’t be a difference between the writer of the blog and the people who engage with it every day, and most of it I have to thank to you guys! If 2016 has 10% of all the amazingness that happened in 2015 I will be a very happy girl.

Also need to thank a lot of people who have helped me this year throughout the way. I need to thank my boyfriend Sander for always listening and giving me the best inspiration/ideas for the blog, I’ve worked a lot with IMA agency who have supported me a great amount this year, Vivian for always taking awesome pictures, Sanne for working hard in the office, my best friend Tamara who is my no. 1 blogger friend & supporter, Sarah for joining me during the fashion weeks and so many more I am not mentioning but am thinking of! Without further rambling here’s a huge overview of my favorite outfits, travels and snapshots per month! Enjoy guys! Big kiss, Noor.


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