We always talk about how to enhance your photos and which editing skills we need to learn but before editing the photo’s there is (sometimes a long) process where we need to choose the perfect shots to edit.

So you’ve taken a gazillion pictures but have no clue which one you like the most? They all look like each other but they are different in so many ways too. Sounds familiar? No matter if you’ve taken a 100 selfies, shot some editorial magazine shots or just some outfit pictures, we more often than wanted end up with WAY too many shots. Now, I can lose hours of productive time zooming in on small details of these images which I do not particularly enjoy so I decided to share the tips & tricks I came up with to conquer this matter:

1. Ask your man to pick: Man are cruel and honest, so this is usually the best target group to ask advice. To keep things a bit ‘normal’ I do narrow my pictures down before showing them, so my boyfriend constantly can pick between image 1 or 2.

2. Decide what’s the most important element: Whether it’s a selfie, an outfit shot or a lifestyle shot, there is always something you want to bring across. For instance if I have new shoes I want to make sure they look killer in an outfit shot, if I post a selfie I want to show the best part of myself and when it’s a lifestyle shot you want to put the best vibe out of it. So before going through a series of images decide what is it you want to show.

3. Rate your photos: When you go through your images for the first time, rate them! Your first intuition is usually the best. For the second look, there is point 1. On the computer I use Light Room to give my pictures stars and on the Iphone I use the little heart in the camera roll to put my pictures in the favorite folder.

4. Instagram: When I have a dilemma I go through my Instagram feed and decide what it is that attracts me to an image within 1 second. When you start out on Instagram and get your mind set in a ‘rating’ mode you can easily take that mindset and do the same with your own images straight after. Always does the trick for me!