queen of jet lags7

Hey guys! Checking in from a more uncivilized part of the Netherlands! As I told you on Thursday we are on a long-weekend-get-away-trip and we’re enjoying ourselves to the max! In general enjoying life has been pretty easy the last year and especially months for me, my general state of mind is basically the title of this blogpost. As you know my boyfriend has to travel so much and as we’ve barely seen each other lately we immediately knew we wanted to do something together as he was a couple of days in the Netherlands. So, after debating Paris or a staycation in our own country we decided to jump into the car, drive up north, and enjoy a spa weekend. The best part of course was that it’s basically been snowing ever since we got here. Everything else also has been a dream, think outdoor swims at night in a heated pool (romantic snowstorms included) Netflix marathons, lots of food and kissing. Anyways, I really wanted to show you some snaps of what the first day looked like so I hope you enjoy! Hugs!

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