Happy Wednesday guys! Last week I was scrolling through old blogposts and noticed that so much has changed since the beginning of my blog days so I thought it would be fun to share some tips to take your blog to the next level. When I started out with my blog I did everything myself, even the design of the website which was not the best one ;-). Although website design is something I definitely haven’t mastered there are many easy ways to improve your blog yourself. Here’s five things to work on when you want your blog to look more professional:

1. Logo: Next to the name of your blog, having a good logo is super important. Your logo is basically your online business card, is has to be eye catching so people remember it withing seconds. Starting off with your blog name in capital Times New Roman as a logo is fine, but when you want to look more professional it’s a good idea to invest in a unique and recognizable logo.

2. Categories: Since there are so many blogs everyone has their favorite ones to suck up some style inspiration, find the best recipes or blog tips. Knowing that, you probably understand why categories are life savers for your readers. It is easy to make a category section which will immediately show what type of content there is to be found on your blog. It’s also increases page views, a big plus!

3. URL: Most of us started with our website, didn’t we? When things are getting serious and you want to brand yourself as a professional it’s time to invest in a domain name. So make sure to thoroughly think of your domain name and if you want to make a change to your domain name remember that it’s better to do it in an early stage when you still relatively don’t have a lot of visitors.

4. Contact information: One of the most important things when you take blogging seriously is to always make sure the right information to contact you is available on your blog. Make sure it’s not too hard for people to find. A contact menu is the most likely thing for people to look for when they want to get in touch. Next to your e-mail, also add relevant social media buttons to your accounts so that people can follow you on the social media of their choice.

5. High res and sharp images: If there’s anything that a makes website look unprofessional it’s low res pictures or blurry pictures. And by low res pictures I mean pictures in such low resolution you can actually count about 20 pixels. Make sure to upload in the right size. Also always keep in mind that brands you are working with should be able to easily get the pictures to use for their social media so the images need to be a certain quality.

Hope you liked reading these tips! And if you have any additions, let me know!


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