Hey guys! A little personal post mixed with some business inside today. I’m at the end of my pregnancy now and what a journey it has been. I can’t say it was a roller coaster because I mainly have been feeling very good, felt positive and just enjoyed every second so far. However, a couple of things really surprised me during this period. As this wasn’t a planned pregnancy I have never put a lot of thought into being pregnant in general, I made a lot of miss assumptions and also never thought about what it would be like to be pregnant as a self employed person. Business wise I have to say that EVERY single person has an opinion about working and being pregnant, especially now that I’m still working at the end of the pregnancy. However, I have found that these 9 months actually made my business grow, and I personally think it’s quite important to know (especially as you’re mostly females) that you can use this period in a good way towards your business side. These are the main things why my business grew during my pregnancy:

1. More time: As you guys know I’m quite the frequent traveler and usually travel at least once a week. In the first six months of the pregnancy I still had a busy traveling schedule but these last three months I’ve been mostly at home in Amsterdam or traveled to locations that weren’t too far away. As I’m so used to always being on the go, packing and unpacking, I didn’t even realize what an insane amount of time traveling really takes out of your life. It’s basically life consuming. So, now that I have all that extra time, I can be extra productive, and I also come up with more ideas as life isn’t moving so quickly and I can just think about what I want to do next instead of thinking about what time I need to be at the airport.

2. Perspective: Another thing that I learned in this period is to put things in perspective. I used to be able to give my attention to the smallest, irrelevant details which was not only time consuming but also energy consuming. I guess it’s a natural process that when you’re busy growing another human being inside of you and basically the biggest thing that can ever happen in life that everything else seems so small. When it comes to dividing my attention I’m much better now in prioritizing so I actually get things done in time and without a single moment of stress as I just don’t sweat the small things.

3. Time to evaluate: This one is last but definitely not least, as I think it’s the most important one. I finally learned and actually took the time to evaluate my work and the projects I am doing. As mentioned earlier, life is usually consisting of traveling and packing and unpacking which also gave me 0 time to think about styling new outfits and to even think about what I was wearing. I take much more time for things like that and think about whether an outfit works, look back on it and really try do dive into my analytics to see what sort of projects and articles work really well and which one didn’t. This has taught me so much and if you ever feel like you want to grow your business more and take it to the next step, this is the one to focus on.

I know this is a different type of post than my usual tips but I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel inspired in some sort of way! Hugs!

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