It’s official. My weekly trips to the airport and routine of packing and unpacking have been put on hold for now and the serious security-check-withdrawal is now starting (kidding about that one). However, I absolutely love to look at airport fashion and I think it’s such an art to master it to perfection. My boyfriend is someone who has been flying around 150 flights a year for 15 years so I must credit him for teaching me about this little art. For now, these are for me the absolute do’s and don’t of airport fashion:

  1. Do: Layer, layer, layer. Even when flying to a neighbor country temperatures can vary so much. Also you can’t predict if the airconditioning or heat is on in the plane or places you’re going to be. When wearing layers you can easily take something off when it’s hot or put something on when you’re cold.
  2. Don’t: Wear Heels. When walking from gate to gate or by just getting a coffee you can make quite some miles at big airports. Also when you have to catch a flight, running in heels isn’t probably something you want to worry about. Flying isn’t the most fun thing to do so do yourself a favor and make it as comfortable as possible.
  3. Do: Take an extra pair of socks. When you feel like taking of your shoes during the flight make sure to take an extra pair of socks so you can wear them in the plane and don’t have cold feet!
  4. Don’t: Take a heavy carry on bag. There’s no need to carry loads of stuff with you. Try to be really realistic and critical when packing and just take the necessaries with you in a carry on bag since you probably don’t feel like having to take a heavy bag with you all the time.
  5. Do: Take a nice pair of sunnies. Whether you’re going to a sunny place or not, pack some sunnies because they aren’t only handy to protect your eyes from the sun but also to wear when you don’t feel like putting on any (eye) make up or when you’re tired because of a long flight.

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