Hey guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. If there’s one thing I can spend hours on, on a daily basis it’s e-mailing. I get só many e-mails it used to drive me crazy. If you feel that way or just want to read some tips on how to e-mail like a pro you’re at the right place!

  1. Plan smart: Don’t use your morning hours, when you’re probably the most focussed, on e-mails. Instead, use the time when you’re the least concentrated. Like a hour or two before you’re planning on leaving the office. You’re probably a bit tired, but most e-mailing isn’t higher science. Also it’s always a good idea to set a deadline since it really motivates to work harder!
  2. Priorities: To go on on tip number 1, don’t use your best hours on non important or just simple things. Prioritize your e-mails just like other things on your to do list. Take care of urgent e-mails as soon as possible and save less important ones for whenever you’re traveling or waiting for diner to get ready.
  3. Use mailbox folders: I saved the best for last! Using a ‘answered’ mailbox folder not only to empty your mailbox (and mind) but also to set a goal to get every e-mail in there like it’s a little game you’re playing with yourself. This has seriously saved my digital life since it gives you a perfect overview on what’s left to answer and/or do.

Image source: Tumbnation.com