Hey guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. If there’s one thing I can spend hours on, on a daily basis it’s e-mailing. I get só many e-mails it used to drive me crazy. If you feel that way or just want to read some tips on how to e-mail like a pro you’re at the right place!

  1. Plan smart: Don’t use your morning hours, when you’re probably the most focussed, on e-mails. Instead, use the time when you’re the least concentrated. Like a hour or two before you’re planning on leaving the office. You’re probably a bit tired, but most e-mailing isn’t higher science. Also it’s always a good idea to set a deadline since it really motivates to work harder!
  2. Priorities: To go on on tip number 1, don’t use your best hours on non important or just simple things. Prioritize your e-mails just like other things on your to do list. Take care of urgent e-mails as soon as possible and save less important ones for whenever you’re traveling or waiting for diner to get ready.
  3. Use mailbox folders: I saved the best for last! Using a ‘answered’ mailbox folder not only to empty your mailbox (and mind) but also to set a goal to get every e-mail in there like it’s a little game you’re playing with yourself. This has seriously saved my digital life since it gives you a perfect overview on what’s left to answer and/or do.

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  • The “answered” mailbox folders is a new one for me. For me I’ve just been doing flag or unflag lmao. Star – in Gmail. I used to use multiple folders in university.


  • missgetaway

    Oh the last tip is so great! I never even thought about that but it seems to be such a great trick. WIll definitely start doing that now 🙂

    Love, Kerstin

  • Fab tips!! I love the idea of saving all the emails till the end of the day. Sometimes I convince myself that I have to check the emails first thing in the day in case there’s something important there, but you’re so right that it uses up some of my best concentrating time. A quick glance over the email names is usually sufficient for figuring out if anything is so urgent it can’t wait, AND if there is a really important email on it’s way, usually you’d know about it in advanced and can seek it out and only reply to that one email xx Thanks for the productive inspiration x

  • fabulous tips as always!


  • GlamistaHome

    I have to say that I am a folder queen. I dislike having a load of emails in my inbox and we often decide to “hold” on to an email “just in case”. That’s where the folders come in handy, you can easily organize your emails, even send emails directly to a folder to review them later. I also like using Boomerang which helps organize my emails and bounces emails back to me if I haven’t received a response. Thank you for sharing.

  • Love these tips! The folders are key. So satisfying!



  • I set aside specific times for answering my mail as well, otherwise I spend hours on it!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Love the last tip.

  • I really love that kind of tips! Mailboxes can be so cluttered when you don’t take the time to do so! x