Hi guys! Hope you’re all having a wonderful week. If there’s one thing I absolutely always will try to improve myself in, it is working productive. Nowadays it’s so easy to get distracted with all the e-mails, texts and Instagram mentions. I’ve been trying out some ways to be more productive so today I decided to share my best tips on how to get yourself ready for a super productive week!

  1. Plan in blocks: of 90 minutes, to be specific. Working in time blocks from about 90 minutes with 10 minute breaks to recover and refuel will help you focus better and be more productive. When I know I’m going to have a busy week I plan a to do list in 90 minute blocks. The 10 minute breaks I use to go for a walk, get lunch or a coffee or do groceries for diner!
  2. Minimize your meetings: It is super important to maintain (business) relations, but you don’t want to get behind on work. Before my pregnancy I used to plan one of two days a week for just meetings so I could plan my work on other days. Since I get tired a little easier while carrying a baby bump everywhere I now plan meetings as lunch dates. A break from work at the office and also being productive during lunchtime!
  3. Plan your sleep: Just like planning the things on your to do list, it’s also helpful to plan your hours of sleep. Having a deadline which might make you have to work at night? Make sure to not plan any early appointments the next morning, so you do get your 8 hours of sleep which are seriously needed.
  4. Drink water: Loads of it! Staying hydrated will help you to focus and feel better.
  5. Get out of the office: This is a good thing to do in your 10/90 minute break, but also working out of office will make you less available to everyone. Turn of your devices or even leave them at home or in the office to reach complete radio silence which means a massive productive level!

Image source: leberpr.com