If you’re looking for an online shop expert, talk to me! I know where to find specific items, what the new collections look like, what items are on sale but best of all: I know some really cool underrated web shops. So today I’m sharing my favorite best kept online shop secrets!

  1. Storets: I guess I found this cool webshop through a fellow blogger on Instagram and I’ve been in love since I did! If you’re looking for the coolest, on trend items, this is the place to scroll through!
  2. Zara Home: So how is everybody obsessing over Zara, but didn’t someone notice Zara Home and told us all about it? I found the webshop by accident and I can’t even explain how much I’m obsessing over all the pretty items. I’m kind of sorry for sharing this one, since I’m assured you won’t leave this webshop without spending half of your monthly salary on these gorgeous house decorations and other stuff you obviously, seriously need in your life.
  3. Loéil: I don’t know how I found this webshop but I do know I want to have every single piece they sell. If you’re looking for great layering or statement pieces, this is the digital place to be! These designs are all so unique and perfectly detailed they are definitely items I would love to wear during fashion week season.
  4. Nasty gal: If you’re a bohemian girl, you’re gonna love this. This webshop is filled with cool ‘I saw this on Instagram and everybody wanted to know where to get it’ stuff. Also don’t forget to check out the vintage section since they have selected the coolest vintage designer items you’ve ever seen.

Can’t wait to hear about your best kept online shop secrets and if you knew about mine!