I honestly believe there are two types of people in this world. The ones who prefer real life shopping and the ones who prefer online shopping. I definitely belong to the second group. If you do too, this is your lucky day because yesterday’s ‘Best kept online shop secrets’-post inspired me to share 3 online shopping cheats you need to know.

  1. Order two sizes: Most of the anti-online shoppers I know, hate online shopping because there’s no possibility to try the items you get on before you pay for them. These days all big online shops I use have the best return policies so when I’m not sure which size to order, I order two.
  2. Subscribe to newsletters: I know, those daily newsletters from all of your favorite online shops can be pretty annoying but have you ever thought you’d never miss out on discount codes, free shipping and you would be the first to notice the online sale!
  3. Don’t worry about sold out items: Some online shops have this great feature of a notifying system so you get an update when your favorite item gets back in stock! Also, don’t worry when the online shop you’re shopping at doesn’t, just save the item in another size in your wish list or shopping basket and regularly check if your size is available again because online shops get a crazy amount of returns and have loads of restocks!

Image source: Frenchyfancy.com