queen of jet lags2

Hey guys! Long time no speak ;-). I didn’t forget about my blog but I did forget about real life a little bit obviously after giving birth. I just can’t seem to get off my pink cloud so I kind of put off outfit posting and personal updates for a bit. I absolutely love posting everyday and I don’t put too much pressure on myself to post to be honest but the reality is that I just simply  didn’t leave my house for two weeks! It’s been two weeks of non stop baby kissing and learning about life as a new mom. So far, everything is going really, really well. In fact, my babygirl is sleeping on my lap whilst I’m writing this. We’re slowly getting back into real life, I’ve been busy shooting two campaigns this week and did our first restaurant visits these last days. Pretty soon I’m going to Paris and taking the baby with me and I have loads of other exciting things planned. Hope you all follow along and are happy I’m back to outfit posting after this short break. Talk soon guys! Hugs!

Skirt: Asos Sweater: H&M (Mens collection) Boots: Zign by Zalando
Bag: Chloe Jewelry: Mi Moneda


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