Hi guys! Wow, I got so many questions about how I’m going to get back in shape after this pregnancy so I thought it would be good to write a full post in it and to share my experience. First of all, I didn’t had a very big baby bump but did gain a lot of weight during my pregnancy. To most of you it may seem like it is all gone now but truth be told, I still don’t fit into 80% of my clothes and my goal is definitely to fit into everything again this summer.

Now, most people who know me know that I eat all day and everything I want. I eat candy every single day, a bag of crisps every day, sandwiches, cakes, fries, you name it, I eat it and to be honest, I love it. I definitely didn’t get the vegan, gluten free memo and I don’t feel like I will ever hop on that train as I’m just not that kinda girl. But, I do like working out and to be outdoors and active. I’m also not a big fan of going to the gym but I love, love, love to be outside and go on super long walks, run around in the park, jump ropes and all that fun stuff. As I’m not planning on changing my diet I do plan on being even more active, and what motivates more than a super cute outfit to do this in? Yes, nothing. I got an amazing stash of new work out clothes at the Sports department at Zalando. They literally have every single piece and brand of cool work out gear you can possible imagine and I can’t wait to show more of my outfits and the journey I’m going to take. And who says you have to wear work out clothes just for working out? I’m can already assure you I’ve worn this Adidas sweater on several occasions, it’s the best!

Sweater: Adidas (here) Legging: Adidas (here) Shoes: Adidas (here)

Post done in collaboration with Zalando