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Hey guys, first of all let me introduce you to my lovely baby girl Olivia Mae. I’ve taken some time until my new update about life as a mom because I wanted to be a little bit more ‘experienced’ before I shared the new update. For all my Dutchies, some exciting news, I have been doing and will continue to post new mom diaries on Prenatal, check them out here!

Baby Olivia is now almost six weeks old and of course every single day is a blessing. Some days have been a little tough, my boyfriend already has been to the USA for work twice, so I’ve spend a lot of time together with the baby and I already have been on my first work trip abroad to Paris. The first two weeks were fully based on adjusting to the baby and getting to know her but now I feel like everything is kind of going automatically and nature takes care of everything. When people ask me whether I’m tired and if it’s heavy I happily say no. All this joy and happiness gives me so much energy and I’m on cloud 9 24 hours a day. This is the best thing that ever happened to me.

When it comes to baby stuff I get so, so many questions about my favorites. After testing and trying a bunch of things I made a big list for you guys with all my favorites and you can find the post about it here! Definitely check it out as it know it’s not easy to figure out what baby items to buy! Hope you guys enjoy these pictures of me and Olivia, talk soon. Hugs!

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