Hi guys! Hope you’re all having a great weekend. Today I’m sharing my personal tips on recycling my wardrobe. Recycling is really important to me. Why keep on producing new stuff when we already have so many great products to work with? I recycle as many as possible and I’m super excited to share my ways on how I do this to hopefully inspire you to do the same thing:

  1. Unisex: My favorite way of recycling is wearing unisex items. We like to keep it in the family so my boyfriend, his daughter, our daughter and me live by this daily. My boyfriend and I wear each others clothes, his eleven year old daughter wears mine and our baby girl Olivia will wear the clothes from her older sister. Unisex clothes for the win!
  2. Sharing is caring: Another fun way to recycle is to organize clothes swap parties with friends. I’ve been doing this for ages and we’re always having a great time plus everyone gets rid of clothes they don’t wear anymore and goes home with new items!
  3. Swap for discount: I saved the best for last! Some of you might be familiar with H&M’s recycling initiative where you get a 15% discount voucher when you donate a bag of clothes they will recycle. During this week’s World Recycle Week you will get two(!) of these vouchers. So doing something good for the world and getting rewarded with discount vouchers! What else can a girl wish for?

I also would looove to know what you guys do to recycle your outfits? Hit me up with your tips and tricks in the comments!

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