Happy Sunday guys! I get so excited every time I’m writing a new blog post lately. Those 100 letter Instagram captions just don’t seem to do the trick in sharing what’s going on sometimes and no matter what, my blog will always stay my little universe. I love posting here the most!

After somehow procrastinating for a while I finally visited my dream location last week with Sanne (who shot these pics and also works in the office) at the Keukenhof, the most gorgeous flower gardens in the Netherlands which are so, so amazing. I’m not going to lie, life is super busy and obviously requires a lot of energy which leads up to that inevitable moment where we  need to take a breather and find an escape. These beautiful surroundings where I ended up after a busy day of work were definitely mine. I think life is so exciting and I’m probably one of the happiest persons ever but as everything excites me there’s never enough time to do it all. There’s that song I think of and I plan on listening to a gazillion times, there’s words that run through my mind that I want to write down, there’s my little baby that I want to cuddle every single second of the day, my boyfriend I want to hang out with forever and always and my awesome career I want to work on in full speed. To keep up we need to multitask, lose sleep, compromise and apologize. But we also need a breather, an escape, and this was mine.

Hope you enjoy these photos, x N.



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